August Board Meeting

Thursday, August 11, 2016 - 7:00pm

Location: At the pool under the pavilion.


I. Call to order
II. Approval of minutes from last meeting
III. Committee Updates:
  • Maintenance/Operations/Construction 
  • Treasurer 
  • Social
  • Legal/Insurance
  • Membership/Front Desk – fees would be made more prominent on invoices and where else?
  • Swim team
IV. New Business
  • Update from Allison?
  • Tag manufacturer issue? Number of tags and camera?
  • Discussion of by-law change re: one-time waiver (agreed to discuss-August)
  • Discussion re: in-season cancellations – possible bylaw change to add specific reasons for dues refunds due to relocation, illness and death.
  • Possible bylaw changes re: use of pool before canceling and/or date after which no refund can be had.
  • Update on the status of putting together a document detailing a timeline for all the activities that need to be handled by the board before, during, and after the season
  • Any Member Suggestions through Email?
V. Adjournment