Open Well Rules

Effective immediately 

The pool board has agreed to have open well (swimming well / no board or slide use) every other odd hour from 1pm to 8pm only on Weekdays. 

This will not occur on Holidays or days of special parties.  It will be the managers discretion on weekends. 

If the pool becomes so crowded that three (3) guards are needed for proper pool coverage or for other any other safety reasons the open swim well will be closed and diving / sliding will resume.  

These hours will remain the same. 

1pm to 8pm. 

Odd / Open Well Swim 

  • 1-2pm
  • 3-4pm
  • 5-6pm
  • 7-8pm

There will be no changing of these hours except for safety reasons at the mangers / guards discretion.  An uncrowded pool does not constitute a changing of the well hours to be open or closed.

When the well is open for swimming the diving / sliding the board will be closed off.  

Any questions or concerns please contact the OMSC Board.  


Thank you,    

OMSC Board.