Proposed Bylaw Change

Dear OMSC Members:

Hello! Annual invoices have been sent to all members, we hope you have received them. Payment is due March 1st. It’s hard to believe that the 2017 swim season is fast approaching!! This is to let you know that the bylaw change that was announced in your invoices, stated that it had been approved, which is an error. The notice was meant to inform you of a proposed bylaw change that is to be put to a vote. Attached to this page is a ballot for you to vote on the proposed bylaw change, which we will finalize at the March 2nd meeting of the board of directors. Please, take a minute and read the proposed change and then either mail it back with your payment, or separately if you have already sent in your payment. Alternatively, you can return it by email to the address listed on the ballot, or bring it in person to the March 2nd meeting. We must receive the ballots before or at the March 2nd meeting.

Thank you for your cooperation and for taking the time to vote.

Your OMSC Board of Directors